TLB 19: How To Use The Power Of Selling To Become Financially Independent

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Aug 17



Aaron Janx is an in-demand Business and Sales Mentor for coaches around the world in many different industries.

At the young age of only eighteen, He began working with the advertising division of a Fortune 500 company as an “errand boy” but he was promptly promoted to sales and shortly thereafter was once again promoted, to Regional executive all in the same year.

In addition, He proceeded to set the world record as the youngest executive manager in company history. Many of his sales achievement are still world record holders today.

But somehow along the line, he lost everything and had to start all over again until he became financially free.
But Before Aaron was financially free, he was broke, busted and had to live on food stamps.
The turning point for him was when he put his sales skills to work and he used this knowledge to come out of a horrible situation.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How mastering and implementing the skill of selling can bring you out of any bad situation
  • Why you don’t need to spend a long time trying to know your prospects
  • The four phases that you need to take your prospects through to get a yes all the time.
  • Why people will always do more to avoid pain
  • Why every one should be in sales


Some Questions I Asked Aaron

  • What kind of advise will you give an employee who is trying to quit his job
  • What is the most important lesson in sales
  • How can you find people to make sales to ethically
  • What kinds of question should you ask prospects that will lead them to saying yes to your offer.
  • What’s more important? Picking a product first, or finding a market.

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Dotun August 18, 2016

Oh My God. This is really good

    Fumnanya Bernard August 31, 2016

    Thanks for listening Dotun,

    I am glad you found it valuable.

Emenike October 27, 2016

This is epic. I’m sipping every bit of it. I look forward to interviewing someday on my blog, @Fumnanya.

Emenike Emmanuel October 27, 2016

This is epic. I’m sipping every bit of it. I look forward to interviewing someday on my blog, @Fumnanya.

    Fumnanya Bernard October 29, 2016

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for listening.
    I’m glad you found it useful.
    Whenever you are ready for the interview, please let me know.

    Do have a great day!

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