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Jul 13

I met Davida Yemi Akanle online last year and I have been truly fascinated by her all that she stands for. She has a different approach to business that I find really refreshing.

She has been an entrepreneur for over a decade which makes her the perfect guest because she knows exactly what she is talking about.

Davida is a self published author of 10 books which you can find on, 5 relating to business, marketing and wealth creation. She has also created several eBooks and eCourses as well. Some of her books include: Financial Stewardship (Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation), Discover Your God-given Purpose, Before You Write that Book, Money Mastery and some others, which I will link up to later on.

She has also helped Christian women create plans to put their personal finances in a better shape, start their own business, get more clients for their businesses, and turn their intellectual knowledge into income generating products.

She shares from her expertise as a: financial educator, start up business coach, Internet marketer, and Christian minister.

She speaks and teaches on Wealth Creation, with a specific emphasis on:

  • Money
  • The mindset
  • Creating passive income streams – turning your knowledge, expertise or passion into income generating assets: information products or businesses
  • How to transition from a 9-to-5 job to living your God-given dreams.

She also share insights the Lord has shared with her about his Kingdom’s Economy, and the lessons she has learned in her personal journey to financial and time freedom, and living my God given dreams.

One thing I admire so much about her is her love for God, and she doesn’t separate it from her business at all. If you follow her on social media, her posts will definitely give you that dose of daily spiritual inspiration which is something we all need to keep pushing forward.

Some questions I Asked Davida:

  • What was the first business you did after leaving your job?
  • How can someone see his or her day job as an asset instead of a liability?
  • How can an employee get or develop the mindset of an entrepreneur
  • What is the right business DNA and how can a person know which one he or she has
  • What’s next for you as regards business?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How giving her life to Christ helped change her path in life
  • How using the power of the internet to scale the business that you are doing right now.
  • How the skills you are learning right now can help you in your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Why you should see your job as an asset instead of a liability
  • Why you may have the wrong mindset that you need to succeed as an entrepreneur and what to do about it.
  • How to get your money mindset sorted out so you can be well positioned to profit from your chosen business area

Books, Links and Tools Mentioned:

Connect with Davida

Davida’s Website

Kingdom Wealth Creation


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