TLB24: Sell Your Brain – How to package and sell your expertise as a product with Ronald Ikenna Nzimora

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Jan 20
How to sell your brain

Last week, we started talking about the Psychology of selling with Ronald Ikenna Nzimora. So in today’s episode, we will be taking the conversation to a higher level as Ronald explains to us what it really means to sell our brain.

Your business grows as far as your vision grows. – Ronald Ikenna Nzimora

After listening, you will discover:

  • What the major challenge is for employees
  • The best kind of business model that an employee can start today
  • How to package and sell your expertise online
  • How listening to the needs and concerns of your clients can lead you to start and run¬†your very own multi-million dollar company ( The NairaBet Story)
  • How to make millions a month from the very first month of starting your own business – A step by step guide
  • There’s a difference between WHAT YOU THINK your market wants and WHAT THEY REALLY WANT

This feels like a course already, and I am sure you will get tons and tons of value from this.

Please know that this is a series and here are the links to catch up on whichever one you may have missed.

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TLB24: How to Sell Your Brain (How to package and sell your expertise as a product)

TLB25: How to Identify Your Ideal Future Client (this one is so powerful that I was totally blown away!)

“People are people and they will want what they want. So you either go with the flow or try so hard to go against it. And I tell you, life is already so hard…don’t make it harder than it already is.” – Ronald Ikenna Nzimora

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