TLB26: Freelance Mastery: The What, The How And The Why

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Feb 03

In the very first episode of The Limit Breaker Show, I made a promise to myself publicly, that come July 2017, I was going to quit my job.

Well, here we are…It’s about 5 months to D-Day, and I am not feeling so ready. But there’s hope because I have discovered the art of selling my skills online.

Freelancing. And I have decided to go on a journey to mastering this art.

I hope you will join me.

In this episode, I talked about what freelancing really is, how to get started as a freelancer, and why you should seriously consider becoming a freelancer.

The benefits are plenty but it also comes with its own disadvantages.

I would really love to know what your thoughts are after listening to this episode, and I will be looking forward to hearing form you.

Happy Freelancing!

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